The joint CCl/CLIVAR/JCOMM Expert Team (ET) on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI) has a mandate to address the need for the objective measurement and characterization of climate variability and change by providing international coordination and helping organizing collaboration on climate change detection and indices relevant to climate change detection, and by encouraging the comparison of modeled data and observations. Issues being addressed include the practical aspects of developing guidance and materials for NMHSs -- toolkits including software, documentation, and other material to guide the calculation and use of climate change detection indices and climate data homogenization, improvement of global coverage and assessment of indices. The ET is also concerned with improving indices and analysis tools.

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Information on the terms of reference, recent news and activities of the ETCCDI can be found here .

This web site is created and maintained by Xuebin Zhang under the auspices of ETCCDI.
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